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Early childhood is also called preschool age or exploratory age or toy age. It has been proven that during toy age children learn by actively constructing knowledge through hands-on experience. Adult's role in helping the child learn is to provide appropriate materials that the child can interact with to acquire knowledge.

VARDHAMAN I.Q. TOYS PVT. LTD. aims to produce safe, interactive, appealing, internationally competitive learning material and furniture for young children; to make it available to every child of the world.


Preschool Age: period of learning through concrete experiences. During this period, children learn to make things, use tools, and acquire the skills to be a potential provider. If children can discover pleasure in their activities, including their intellectual stimulation, most importantly in learning, they will develop a sense of competence, in turn shaping up a healthy personality.

VARDHAMAN I. Q. TOYS PVT. LTD. aspires to produce learning material and furniture that allows children to enhance their physical, intellectual and social caliber, fulfill emotional needs, promoting healthy and confident personality.

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